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                                                 Policy Disclaimer

                         At NRU, we are commi ed to ensuring that our students are kept infor-

                         med of the latest principles, theories, and applica ons pertaining to
                         their studies. However, NRU reserves the right to make changes, as
                         deemed appropriate and without prior no fica on, in our course offe-
                         rings, curricula, academic policies, and other rules and regula ons
                         affec ng students.

                                                Catalog Disclaimer

                         This publica on is not a contract between the student and NRU or any
                         party or par es and should not be regarded as such. Reasonable effort
                         was made at the  me this document was created to ensure that all po-
                         licies and provisions of this publica on were correct. NRU reserves the

                         right to make changes and addendums to current policy as necessary
                         and will post these changes on the NRU website at h p://www.nru-

                          Any student affected by policy changes will be contacted by the appro-
                         priate NRU faculty or staff member to discuss the student’s op ons un-
                         der the new policy.

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