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                                            Message of the President

                                  s a non-tradi onal research University,  NRU was established

                                  both to transfer our educa onal sistem outside  the United Sta-
                                  tes and to conduct research and then translate it into ways that

                                  could improve people’s life.

                Although our research mission has expanded considerably beyond the original

                one planed, in fact it now includes many disciplines that could not be foreseen in
                the last century, research for the public good remains a dis nc ve featus of the

                21st century university.

                Our inves ture as a research university is also reflected in the facili es and scho-

                larships that our facul es and our interna onal branches assign to the more de-
                serving students. The commitment of our students in reserch and crea ve work,

                both at  the undergraduate and graduate level, is of fundamental importance
                for their training.

                I am convinced that the best approach to prepare students for their careers is to
                inspire them to discover, create, and innovate. Therefore, we encourage our stu-

                dents to become an integral part of the community of discovery, which is the
                modern research university. Given the drama c rate of change that is already so

                characteris c of the 21st century, the human capacity for innova on has pe-
                rhaps never been more important.

                                      The Newport Research University of Palm Beach has a highly
                                      innova ve spirit and is crea ng new knowledge, new skills

                                      and new ways of teaching that, we hope, will bear fruit to
                                      our students, the na on, and the world as a whole."

                Prof. A. Antonelli PhD

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