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                                        U.S. Higher Educa on Degrees

                  ssociate’s Degree
                  An Associate's Degree can be pursued a er having successfully completed 12 years of school
                  educa on. Associate’s programs are usually offered by community colleges or junior colleges.
         They may vary from specialized technical programs to liberal arts degrees designed to be  transfered into
         four‐year Bachelor’s degree programs. Most public two‐year colleges mantain agreements with four‐year
         ins tu ons.  The  Associate's  Degree  program  is  usually  a  two‐year  qualifica on  in  areas  such  as  ac‐
         coun ng, business, photography, interior designing, and similar study areas.

                   ndergraduate Degree (B.A. / B.S.)

                   Undergraduate educa on is pursued a er having successfully completed 12 years of school ed‐
                   uca on. It is offered by public and private colleges and universi es as well as by ins tu ons de‐
         livering two‐year programs. The curriculum of an undergraduate program generally consists of four gen‐
         eral sec ons of study: major, cognates, general educa on courses and elec ves. The program is fairly flex‐
         ible within subject groups. This enables a student to have various degree op ons, in the first and second
         year of his full‐ me study. In general, an undergraduate program can be successfully completed in four

                  raduate Educa on (Master and Ph.D.)
                  Graduate educa on is pursued a er having successfully comple ng a Bachelor’s and/or Master’s
                  degree.  Master’s/Ph.D. programs of study are typically offered by universi es and research in‐
         s tutes.
         A graduate program could be research‐based, coursework‐based or it can have a combina on of both.

         In general, a Master’s program can be finished successfully in 1 or 2 years full‐ me. Master of Arts (M.A.)
         and Master of Science (M.S.) degrees are typically awarded in the tradi onal arts, sciences, and humani‐

         An M.S. degree is offered mostly in technical fields such as engineering, business and educa on.

         Students who even further want to increase their educa on in a specific field can pursue a more special‐
         ized degree called doctorate degree or  Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.).
         A Ph.D. degree can take from three to six years for its  comple on, depending on the research area, the
         individual's ability, and the disserta on selected by the student.
         Doctoral level degree or Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy) is the highest degree awarded in academic disci‐

         Some other professional doctoral degrees are: Ed.D. (Doctor of Educa on), D.B.A.(Doctor of Business Ad‐
         ministra on), and M.D. (Doctor of Medicine).

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