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         The Master of Business Administra on (MBA) program is designed to provide students with the general
         business  knowledge  and  skills  to  apply  the  principles  and  management  prac ces within  a  technology‐
         driven world. This program prepares students for advanced and execu ve level careers in various fields of
         business and technology. The MBA program also emphasizes the applica on of business and leadership

         theories to an effec ve management with prac cal skills.
                  Credits required for degree completion:   66

                  Maximum transfer credits accepted:                      21

                  Program length:                                         2 years

                  Cost per credit:                                        US $ 255

         Program Competencies and Learning Objec ves
            Integrate management theories and prac ces to improve organiza onal performance.

            Construct and op mize business opportuni es in compe  ve markets.
            Assess business challenges and opportuni es associated with the global economy, compe  on,
              change, and uncertainty.

            U lize applied research methods and business strategies to maximize business growth and deve‐
              lopment opportuni es.
            Foster interdisciplinary team work and collabora ve work environments.

            Iden fy and analyze complex business concepts and explore alterna ve solu ons to organiza onal
              and financial problems.
            Apply cri cal thinking skills and proven management theories and prac ces to analyze, evaluate,
              and decide on a wide range of business issues.
            Demonstrate wri en and oral communica on skills

            Facilitate the use of appropriate technologies for inquiry and problem solving

            Measure the economic performance or organiza ons.

         MBA programs

         BUS M01   Interna onal Business                                     Credits  3
         BUS M02   Technology and Informa on Systems                         Credits  3
         BUS M03   Managerial Finance                                        Credits  3
         BUS M04   Managerial Accoun ng                                      Credits  3
         B  U  S     M  1  0  0     T  h  e  s  i  s                             C  r  e  d  i  t  s     9

         Elec ves
         BUS ME01 Marke ng in a Dynamic Dnvironment                          Credits  3
         BUS ME02 Economy & strategic decisions                              Credits  3
         BUS ME03 Compe  ve Environment & Strategy                           Credits  3
         BUS ME04Leadership and Strategy for Implementa on                   Credits  3

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