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         BUS731    Transforming the Business I                               Credits    3
         BUS732    Transforming the Business II                              Credits    3

         DOC733   Doctoral Disserta on                                       Credits    6
         DOC734    Doctoral Project IV                                       Credits    6

         NRU School of Marke ng and Communica on

         BA in Marke ng & Communica on
         MA in Marke ng & Communica on
         PhD in Marke ng & Communica on

         Communica on is a broad and dynamic field of study.
         Students in this study delve into the social, psychological and cultural factors which shape human commu‐
         nica on. They also develop specific skills in the areas of public presenta on, of group dynamics and inter‐
         personal communica on. As a result, they are ready to drivre and to work effec vely with many kinds of
         people in many different se ngs.

         Communica on majors complete a set of basic courses. In addi on, students take a number of elec ves
         that reflect their individual interests. These include courses in: conflict resolu on, family communica on,
         organiza onal communica on, persuasion and persuasive speaking, interviewing, gender communica on,
         human  rela ons,  nonverbal  communica on,  broadcast  presenta on,  broadcast  wri ng,  technical  and
         professional presenta on, intercultural communica on, and leadership. Advanced students can par cipa‐

         te in undergraduate research projects or, if it is possible, conduct  internships in the workplace.


                     Credits required for degree completion:   120

                     Maximum transfer credits accepted:                      51

                     Program length:                                         4 years*
                     Cost per credit:                                        US $ 120

            With maximum transfer credits, students may complete the degree program in a shorter amount of
               me. Or, students can proceed at a more leisurely pace and complete the program in four years.

         Major                                                   Credits  65

         COMM 201     Found of Interpersonal Communica on                    Credits    3

         COMM 202     Public Presenta on Prac ce                             Credits    3
         COMM 251     Argumenta on and Debate                                Credits    3
         MRK   201        Fundamental Principles of Marke ng                 Credits    3
         MRK   202        Marke ng & Communica on 1                          Credits    3
         COMM 299    Theories Human Communica on                             Credits    3
         COMM 300     Research Methods in Communica on                       Credits    3
         COMM 499     Communica on Senior Seminar or scipt                   Credits    3

         COMM 290         Thesis                                             Credits    6
         Choose five courses from the following list; at least three must be at the 300‐ or 400‐level:

   13   14   15   16   17   18   19   20   21   22   23