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         Requirements for Admission

         Newport Research University (NRU) establishes admission criteria to ensure that students, who enroll
         are able  to complete and  successfully benefit from the educa onal offer. NRU admits students to its
         programs regardless of race, color, na onal origin, disability, gender, or age.

         Candidates under the age of 18 are required to provide parental consent when entering into signed
         agreements with the university.

         Undergraduate Programs

         Applicants for admission must have a high school diploma or equivalent at the  me of admission. To be
         considered for uncondi onal admission to a degree course, applicants must submit the following:
            A complete Applica on For Admission (AFA), which includes, but is not limited to, a valid phone
              number, email, physical address, and tax code number, if applicable.
            Meet all  guidelines on the documenta on of admission .

         Condi onal admission allows applicants, who have a self‐cer fied gradua on from an approved high
         school program or the equivalent, to enroll  in a program on the NRU applica on for admission for 15
         semester units pending the receipt of required admission documents.

         Interna onal students must self‐cer fy to  have successfully  completed the equivalent grade 12 at a
         secondary school in the  United States and provide proof of successful comple on of a program consid‐

         ered equivalent to a high school diploma or GED cer ficate.

         In addi on, candidates whose mother tongue is not English must demonstrate English profiency, if it is
         not possible to take courses in their mother tongue in the interna onal branch to which they belong.

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